Features that bring marketing and sales closer

Zoho Marketing Automation is an automation platform that helps attract visitors to your website, turn anonymous visitors into leads, and convert leads into loyal customers.

Features that bring marketing and sales closer

Lead management

From generating leads to understanding their online behavior and evaluating them for sales—manage your entire lead cycle.

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Lead Generation

Get more leads by adding our signup forms and smart popups on your landing pages. You can also bring leads from GoToWebinar and Eventbrite, or sync your CRM leads.

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Lead Nurturing

Develop a strong connection with your leads at every step by sending them relevant emails. Communicate with them on a regular basis to understand where they stand in your sales cycle.

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Lead Qualification

Assign scores and tags to your leads based on their profile, behavior on your website, and interactions with your marketing programs. Trace the progress of your leads from step one and evaluate their sales-readiness.

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Behavioral targeting

Understand the online behavior of your leads and use that information to tailor messages to them. Create profiles for every visitor based on their browsing behavior so you can give them exactly what they want.

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  • Website behavioral marketing

    See how a visitor interacts with your website in terms of page visits and link clicks. Define goals for a visitor, group them based on their actions, and create a personalized experience.

    Website behavioral marketing
  • In-app usage-based targeting

    See how your users interact with your product and get an idea of features that interests them. Send tailor-made content to improve their experience.

    In-app usage-based targeting
Website behavioral marketing
In-app usage-based targeting

Multi-channel marketing

Drive brand awareness by establishing a connection with your audience on platforms they use. Plan your marketing activities across mediums, allocate a budget, and realize your ROI.

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  • Touchpoints
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social


Identify your leads and customers' points of interaction with your brand. Know if your leads come from things like online ads, physical banners, email, or website, to help you decide where to invest more.

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Create and run email marketing campaigns to keep your leads nurtured and engaged.

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Send promotional or time-sensitive details to your leads and customers as text messages, after obtaining their consent.

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Interact with your online audience by promoting your product offers on social media channels.

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Engagement marketing

Relevance is the key to good customer engagement, so build engagement programs that help you foster strong customer relationships.

Journey builder

Visualize and map your users' experience with your product or service. Create a personalized journey for every lead or customer to see how they progressed at each step.

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Send an automated welcome series to new leads or run promotional campaigns based on leads' interactions with your previous emails.


Create flows to get your leads into the right email series, then engage them with relevant content.


Get in-depth reports on your lead growth, campaign performance, and revenue generation.

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Lead insightsLead attribution reportsList-based reportsCampaign-based reports
  • Lead insights

    See how many leads you've gained over a period and evaluate the effectiveness of your lead generation activities.

    Lead insights
  • Lead attribution reports

    Get to know which sources you're getting leads from, so you can focus on targeted promotions.

    Lead attribution reports
  • List-based reports

    Compare your mailing lists to see which list is active and which has the most engagement with your promotions.

    List-based reports
  • Campaign-based reports

    See which campaigns have the most opens and clicks, and what type of content works with your audience by comparing different campaigns.

    Campaign-based reports
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