Log management from the cloud.

Store logs from multiple sources in a secure cloud platform. Drill down into any network security issue within minutes.

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Solution for enterprises

The Log360 Cloud advantage.

The cloud version helps you leverage Log360's comprehensive security operations capabilities as a service. Now you can collect and manage logs, generate audit-ready reports, correlate events, detect threats, and ensure compliance to the latest security regulations in the cloud.

Since you don't need to worry about storage space for logs, you can instead focus on other crucial tasks, like mitigating attacks.

Why should you consider Log360 Cloud?

  • Instant set up

    Just install the log collection agent, configure your devices, and start analyzing and visualizing logs within minutes in the form of graphs, charts, and other visual representations.

  • Effective incident management

    The time between the occurrence of a security incident and the response to it can make or break businesses. With Log360 Cloud, view all the incidents in your network and track crucial information such as severity, status, and assignee.

  • Threat detection

    Retrieve the latest information from multiple reliable threat feeds and monitor your network for signs of possible threats. Conduct forensic investigations, ensure accountability in incident resolution, and more using built-in threat detection capabilities.

  • Built-in analytics and reporting

    Generate reports that show who did what, when, and from where. Visualize metrics in the form of graphs and charts to make informed decisions. With threshold-based alerts for incidents, shield yourself from alert fatigue, so that only the important stuff occupies your attention.

  • Keep tabs on indicators of compromise

    Correlate seemingly unrelated network events to identify indicators of an attack. With quick, accurate alerts, you can take a proactive stance and prevent damage to your network data and resources.

  • Cloud security

    Enforce protection of all web applications in your network. Gain visibility into your cloud platforms with a cloud access security broker. Discover shadow applications being used in your network and block user access to such applications using Shadow App Discovery.

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Discover threats quickly with comprehensive log collection and monitoring.

Log360 Cloud supports multiple log sources, so you can keep a close eye on your entire network. This comprehensive log collection module allows you to aggregate, search, analyze, and audit events happening across your environment. This helps with resolving security issues quickly.

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Solution for enterprises

Manage your logs on the cloud.

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