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Business PhoneEnterprise Telephony
Monthly   Yearly
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$34 per user /month billed annually

(Call charges applicable)

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  • Unlimited free calls between users
  • Unlimited incoming calls for Personal numbers
  • Free 1000 US, UK and Aus incoming
  • Free 250 outgoing mins/user/month  
Zoho One Friendly
$49 per admin & 10 Zoho agents  
/month billed annually

(Call charges applicable)

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  • Unlimited free calls between admins
  • Unlimited incoming calls for Personal numbers
  • Free 1000 US, UK and Aus incoming
  • Free 250 outgoing mins/month  
  • (Free mins shared by admin & 10 agents)

(Call charges applicable)

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  • Unlimited free calls between users
  • Unlimited incoming calls  
  • Free 250 outgoing mins/month with every user add-ons  
Up to 10 users $100 /month billed annually

(Call charges applicable)

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  • Unlimited free calls between users
  • Unlimited incoming calls  
  • Free 1000 outgoing mins/month  
Up to 30 users $300 /month billed annually

(Call charges applicable)

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  • Unlimited free calls between users
  • Unlimited incoming calls  
  • Free 2000 outgoing mins/month  
Up to 100 users $1000 /month billed annually

(Call charges applicable)

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  • Unlimited free calls between users
  • Unlimited incoming calls  
  • Free 5000 outgoing mins/month  

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/user/month billed annually
Local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.

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FeaturesBusiness PhoneEnterprise Telephony
Pricing modelUser-basedSlab-basedUser-basedUser-based
Free incoming calls using Personal numbers  
Free incoming calls using Local numbers  
XX1000 mins/user/month1000 mins/admin user/month
Free outgoing calls to US, UK, Aus  
mins/admin user/month
User add-ons  ____
Extensions and Integrations
ZDialer - Browser extension(Chrome & Firefox)    
ZDialer dial pad in Zoho apps    
Native integrations (Zoho CRM, Desk & Bigin)    
Zoho Telephony (PhoneBridge) integrationXX  
Free Zoho agentsXXX10 agents
Zoho Voice - Web interface    X
Zoho Voice - Mobile app (Admin)    X
ZDialer mobile app     
Zoho Voice
Personal number     
Local number     
Toll-free number     
Agent-agent calling  
Call enabler - Incoming/outgoing     
Call queues     
Ring-type selectorX    
Live-call monitoringXX   
Agent status     
Call recording     
Call transfer  
X   __
Call blocking     
Interactive Voice ResponseSingle-level  
Welcome greeting (Only text)Only textOnly textText and audioText and audio 
Business hoursXX   
Call forwarding (Inside IVR)X    
Call action handler     
Dial pad widget     
Agent status change     
Agent to agent calling     
Call transfer     
Call logs and voicemail access     
Zoho Telephony
Call pop-up____   
Call notes____   
Auto call logging____   
Call transferXXXXX
Reports and Alerts
Call metrics    __
Call detail records (CDR)    __
Email reports    __
Credit usage history    __
Dashboard    __
Agent stats    __
Country-based stats    __

Voice pricing

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Select Country
Following are the charges to receive calls using a number that belongs to United States.
Type of number used to receive callsCall rates to receive calls from
N/A - Service not available in this country.
Additional charges

Personal number rental - $3 per month

Local number rental - $1 per month

Toll-free number rental - $2 per month

Add-ons (Optional)

Recording - $0.0025 per min

Storage - $0.0005 per min per month


Phone number not available from the selected country. Contact support.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I try Zoho Voice without purchasing my own number?

    Yes, you can try making outbound calls using our test number and the free credits we provide. Incoming calls cannot be tested using the test number.

  • Can I use Zoho Voice with my personal email address?

    Yes, you can use Zoho Voice with your personal email address. Signup through Gmail is blocked by default to avoid spam calls, so you'll need to send us an email to whitelist your Gmail account. Zoho Voice offers a free Solo plan—you just need to buy credits and get a phone number to make and receive calls. Call charges applicable.

  • Is Zoho Voice included in Zoho One?

    No, Zoho Voice is not included in Zoho One. Zoho Voice subscription is separate. A Zoho One license does not include Voice.

    Now, you might be wondering if you can use Zoho Voice's telephony features in your Zoho One portal. The answer is "Yes!"

    Zoho Voice has an integration with Zoho apps via Zoho Telephony (PhoneBridge). Zoho Telephony is a single point of integration between Zoho apps and cloud PBX services including Zoho Voice and many other third-party services.

    Zoho Telephony is available in the Zoho One Marketplace. You can add Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service in Zoho Telephony, import your Zoho One agents into Zoho Voice, purchase phone numbers, assign them to agents, and configure calls.

    Zoho Telephony integration is available in our Enterprise Telephony edition's Standard plan only.

  • I'm an existing Zoho user. What plan do you suggest?

    If you're a Zoho One, CRM, Desk, Recruit, or Bigin user, you can try our Enterprise Telephony edition's Standard plan. This is a Zoho-friendly plan with 10 free Zoho agents for every Zoho Voice admin user at $49/month billed annually.

    Create an account with 1 admin user (comes with 10 free Zoho agents), and then select Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service from the services listed under Zoho Telephony. Import up to 10 Zoho One/CRM/Desk/Recruit/Bigin agents and configure all the settings in Zoho Voice. These agents will then be able to make and receive calls directly from their Zoho One/CRM/Desk/Recruit/Bigin portal.

    This integration has limited features like click-to-call, call pop-ups, call notes, etc. Only the Admin will have a Zoho Voice admin portal where they can configure everything, handle payments, and download call logs and reports. All 10 free Zoho agents will be able to make calls only from the respective Zoho app. They do not have access to the Zoho Voice web app.

  • Is Voice available in the EU, IN, or AU?

    Sorry, Zoho Voice is currently only available in the US data center. We're setting up Zoho Voice in our EU and AU data centers. We'll make announcements regarding that in our blog. Users who've already registered for Zoho services in our EU, AU, or IN data centers cannot access Zoho Voice using the same email address.

    However, you can use Telephony's built-in phone system and later port your numbers to Zoho Voice when it is available in the EU and AU.

  • I'm a premium Zoho partner. Do I get a complementary license?

    We provide a complementary license of 3 Free Users in our Enterprise Telephony edition's Standard plan for our Partners (3 Admins & 30 Zoho agents). To activate this, please send an email to support@zohovoice.com. You can use it for demo purposes and your internal needs. Only the subscription charge is on us. Number rental and call charges are applicable.

  • I'm in India. Can I make Indian calls using Zoho Voice?

    No, you cannot use Zoho Voice from India to make calls inside India as it is restricted by the DoT. We don't provide Indian local numbers either. However, if you're located outside India, you can use any other country number to make calls to Indian numbers.

  • I'm in India. Can I make international calls using Zoho Voice?

    Yes, you can purchase a number from any other country like the US, UK, Aus, etc., and make calls to any country other than India.