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SMTP Relay: Fast and easy setup

SMTP Relay: Fast and easy setup

What is SMTP?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard protocol used to send, receive, or relay outgoing messages between email senders and receivers. With SMTP, ZeptoMail setup is as simple as copying and pasting your credentials.

When should you use SMTP?

If you're already using SMTP in your application or only need a simple integration, ZeptoMail's SMTP relay is the quickest way to get you started. With SMTP, you can do away with the bells and whistles to integrate your application in just a few steps.

Track Recipient Activity

Use metadata to track opens and clicks on emails sent using SMTP. You can then view this data in your ZeptoMail account or use webhooks to get instant notifications.

Secure Connection

Security is one of the cornerstones of ZeptoMail. To ensure complete safety of your email data, we only support TLS v1.2 for data transfer between the application and servers.

WordPress Plugin for ZeptoMail

Our plugin offers a simple setup process and ensures great deliverability for emails from your WordPress site. Configure your ZeptoMail account in WordPress and send notification emails from your site without delivery problems.

WordPress Plugin for ZeptoMail
Developer-friendly documentation

Developer-friendly documentation

Comprehensive and developer-friendly help documentation helps you make the most of our service. Simply follow the instructions to get started with ZeptoMail and navigate the platform.

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